We provide climate controlled indoor/outdoor runs to each of our guests. With each day’s stay, your pets will enjoy three to four supervised and interactive play sessions in our spacious fenced yard. Tummy rubs and ball tosses are given liberally. Each night your pets will be tucked in with a biscuit and relaxation music specially designed for your dog’s sensitive ears. We never charge extra for these amenities, because we believe they are necessary for the happiness and well-being of your dogs. Summers and holidays book up fast, so please call early for those times.

We require verification from your veterinarian of the following vaccinations on all dogs:

                          DHPP and rabies annually

                          Bordetella as required by your vet
                          We recommend you speak with your veterinarian about the Canine 
                          Influenza vaccination.


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 We offer full professional grooming by appointment only Monday through Thursday. 


 We offer full professional grooming by appointment only Monday through Thursday. Grooming is not available Friday through Sunday. Please call (903)836-2729 to make an appointment.

 Our rate system is similar to hotels. You will be charged for the day of arrival regardless of the check in time. At check out, you will not be charged for that day IF you pick up before 11 a.m. Please give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation to avoid being charged for reserved dates.

If you pick up your pet before the scheduled check out date, you will be charged for any remaining reserved days unless appropriate notice has been given. If there is a delay in your pick up date, please notify us immediately. There may not be space available to keep your pet beyond the reserved days on short notice.

Our rates are $26 per day for the first dog in a run.  Additional dogs in the same run are discounted 50% each.